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The online application can be submitted or you can download the membership application and email or mail it to the Wyoming MLS. The application will not be processed without payment of applicable fees. You will be notified by the Wyoming MLS that your application has been received and will be processed in one business day.

Terms Used Herein:

  • Participant: Responsible Broker of a real estate office or a Certified Appraiser
  • Subscriber: Non-principal brokers, sales associates, unlicensed clerical staff, personal assistants, appraiser trainees

Participant Responsibilities:

  • The Participant MUST join the Wyoming MLS in order for any Subscribers to hold membership
  • The Participant is responsible for all dues and fees. The MLS WILL NOT accept payment from individual Subscribers
  • Monthly Recurring Participation Fee: The recurring participation fee of each Participant shall be an amount times the total number of the Participant and the number of licensees who have access to and use of the Service. Monthly invoices are mailed to Participant. Payment of fees are due the last day of the month previous to the month being billed for. Recurring credit card payment and prepay options are available as payment options
  • The option of a no-cost MLS Subscription Waiver is available to Designated Broker (Participant) for any licensee who can demonstrate subscription to a different MLS where the Designated Broker (Participant) participates

Membership Requirements:

  • Must have a current, valid Wyoming real estate license and are capable of accepting and offering compensation to and from other Participants or are licensed or certified by an appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the appraisal of real property
  • Must hold active REALTOR® membership in an Association of REALTORS®

Membership Process:

  • Complete and return the Membership Applications to the Wyoming MLS
  • License and REALTOR® membership will be verified
  • When verified and application is complete, the Participant/Subscriber will receive their Login ID and Password and a Getting Started Guide for the MLS system via email within one business day. A New Member Handbook is sent in the mail.